Inner City: comments

"So what's it all about? It's about how we move and interact within urban city spaces, i.e. do we conform to the predictable grids and boxes of where to walk/not to walk? Does the architecture of the city affect our mood/stride? Do we subconsciously mimic those around us? Are there 'slow'/'repetitive' parts of town that bring out different skips, leaps and jumps...?"
Extract from article by Andrew Jex, Scene magazine, Plymouth (May 2001)

Inner City was first shown in the cinema at Plymouth Arts Centre at the end of May 2001; the premiere was followed by continuous screening of the film in the Arts Centre gallery on a large TV monitor throughout June and July 2001. These are a selection of comments written by visitors to the gallery:

I loved the choreography and the obvious non-involvement of passers by; a really good piece of work, (electric movement!)

loved the relaxed style and reactions of general public!!

Interesting, subtle interventions between passers by, onlookers and dancers. Good filmic construction.

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! All of it made you THINK + SEE differently

different, stimulating

Bob Hutton, projectionist, Plymouth Arts Centre

Amazing, enchanting + full of life - wicked!

a wonderful insight into alternative Plymouth - it does exist!

I had assumed this was all improvised - it flowed so well - beautiful movement; very funny + spontaneous

Full of joy - beautifully captures a Spring day in the heart of the city - I especially loved the shadow effects in the underpass and the reflection of the dancers in the water.

Peaceful - quiet soundtrack & the public look undisturbed and detached from the action. This gives a very liberating feeling when watching.
Beautiful moments fully captured but naturally understated.
Wonderfully and refreshingly wholesomely erotic.


Well shot - liked café timelapse - excellent use of cutaways + members of the public's expressions. Excellent. (Good + Gentle).
NB Also liked wide angle close in looking up.

I thought the film was really clever and the movement was really nice.

Top banana!

Dance like there's nobody watching...

I love Attic Dance. Great to see them on a Plymouth-based film.

Lovely use of camera angles to give a different aspect of movement, nice to see involvement of public. Really good!!

Quite interesting film with very good choreography and performers. We should get some more of things like this in Plymouth.

Liked it a lot! Nice to see it after all this time. I'd liked to have watched it without music from upstairs + slide projector. I'm not experienced enough in dance, but I did like the fluidity + nice pacing.

A fascinating blend of media - really interesting + giving a totally flattering view of Plymouth - excellent use of pace + tempo. I'd love a copy!! Thanks - inspirational.

Nice to show a Plymouth-based production. But please, even if it is only an 11 minute film could we have some chairs!!!!

Why should public art be inanimate? More!
Plymouth needs much more please!
Very interesting film & very good choreography & performance. I think we should get more things like this in Plymouth.

I made a diversion to come and see this film and I am pleased I did. So much that's familiar but all seen in a fresh light. However I did find the picture quality a shade disconcerting; was the flickering to do with the heads perhaps?

Other comments:
"Inner City is a beautiful study of movement in the urban environment, exploring the idea of the city, of private activities in public spaces.
I am keen to show this film by you because the festival has a focus on writing and place. We are keen to show that writing means more than the written word."
Email from Simon Persighetti, for the tEXt 2002 writers' festival at the Exeter Phoenix, May 2002

"You shouldn't encourage such yobbish behaviour by showing this film!"
Comment from an irate woman who came across to the Radio Devon kiosk after Inner City was shown on the outdoor BBC Big Screen in Plymouth city centre during Wimbledon fortnight June - July 2005; reported by Sarah Solftly, BBC Producer.