image of Super16mm film frame from the film Poppies, petals from a wild poppy pressed onto a clear 16mm film strip
Medium: colour photographic prints, set of three (framed behind glass)
Date: 2006

Petals of wild flowers gathered from the roadside verge during a walk along the south west coastal path through the industrial Cattedown area of Plymouth on 27 May 2006. Once home the petals were pressed onto a clear strip of 16mm film. The filmstrip retraces the steps of a short walk when I left the path, drawn towards the intense saturated crimson of the poppy flowers colonizing the waste ground that had been scraped bare earlier in the year. To create the triptych a photographic enlargement was made of three Super16mm frames from a sequence of pressed wild poppy petals.

Production notes

Publication and comments

Trace and Transience exhibition at Triangle Gallery, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK (5 - 16 May 2009)
Photographic triptych shown with Poppies film, screened as looped DVD on monitor. The viewer is prompted to consider the transient relationship between time and place, past and present, through the hypnotic flow of petals as they spin in an endless stream of moving images and the film stills of the pressed poppy petals, their intimate folds frozen in a series of photographic moments that frame the rupture between then and now, there and here. Part of the Land/Water and the Visual Arts research group exhibition.

Drawn to the Valley exhibition at Cube3 Gallery, Peninsula Arts, University of Plymouth, UK (August - September 2007)
Regard exhibition at Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth, UK. For the exhibition Poppies was shown as an installation, with the film screened as two slightly out-stepped looped DVDs, simultaneously on two white eMac computers at head height on plinths, with screens facing each other at 180 degrees, and the photographic triptych mounted on wall in between. (14 to 18 May 2007)