Sensing Place
Short films made in Plymouth and the southwest peninsula that describe different perspectives of urban seaside living and the city. The programme includes films from the 1950s, poetic views of the 1990s and the twentyfirst century experience.

Where The Money Goes
South West Film and Television Archive / 19 min 27 sec / 1950s
As the post war rebuilding of the city gets underway, the costs of the new Plymouth are explained.

Night Sounding
Kayla Parker / 16mm / 1min 15 sec / 1993 / BBC2 and Arts Council commission
Shot around the coastline of Plymouth: the experience of living where land, sea and air meet – of being on the edge of the world.

Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore / Super 8mm and BetaSP / 1 min 15 sec / 1997 / Lux
Pinhole photography film featuring Mên-an-tol and other Cornish holey stones.

Small World
Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore / HD / 2 min / 2007 / National Review of Live Art commission for the Definitive Stories screening programme
Play with small objects found during a series of walks along the Laira in winter.

Sea Front
Stuart Moore / Super 8mm / 5 min 40 sec / 2009
The poetry of Plymouth Sound and city seaside culture captured in glorious Kodachrome Super 8: meet the young tombstoners who gather on the cliffs under Plymouth Hoe at high tide to launch themselves into the waves below.
Winner of the Trick of the Light Award from the 2010 London Short Film Festival and the Media Innovation Award for Independent Film in 2010.

Where Are You Going?
7 min / South West Film and Television Archive / late 1950s
1950s advert for Plymouth Attractions Association: “Mmm! Buckland Abbey … A postcard and a tuppenny ha’penny stamp is all you need!”

Teign Spirit
Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore / HD, 8mm, digital photographs / 2 min 50 sec / 2009
An animated séance in which modern day Teignmouth is haunted by joyous summers past, conjured up though archive footage.
Commissioned by Animate Projects for CABE’s Sea Change initiative.

Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore / 35mm / 1 min / 2011 / One Minute volume 5
Wild flower petals, the seeds of a dandelion clock and a hundred cheeping sparrows capture moments of a sunny late spring afternoon in Plymouth.

Inner City
Kayla Parker / DV and Super 8mm / 11 min / 2001 / Arts Council and SWMDA
Made during a three week Year of the Artist residency with Attik Dance in Plymouth city centre: private activities in public places, how we move and interact in inner city spaces explored through choreography of two dancers and the camera, and the chance interactions of passersby.

Programme running time: approximately 52 minutes

Part of Plymouth Arts Centre’s Cinema City initiative July 2011