Sunset Strip: lightbox

Medium: lightbox with photographic transparency (20 x 16 inches, landscape format), painted in white emulsion, wall-mounted
Date: 2004
Credits: Film artwork by Kayla Parker
Photography: Stuart Moore
Designer/maker: Miles Parker

Lightbox with display transparency showing nine 35mm sunset strips, arranged vertically in two groups, with four strips in the left hand group, and five strips in the right hand group; each strip is 12 frames long, or half a second when played at 24 frames per second. The strips are research experiments for the film Sunset Strip.

Production notes

Publication and comments

Land/Water and the Visual Arts exhibition, Faculty of Arts, Scott Building, Plymouth University, UK. For the Rephotography: Framing Time and Place conference (April 2009)

Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker exhibition at Salt Gallery, Hayle, Kernow, UK. My brother Miles Parker designed and made the wooden lightbox for our first exhibition at the Salt Gallery, which featured the wort/wall/water triptych installation, and other works. Solo exhibition with Stuart Moore (24 September - October 2004)

Animation: synaesthesia in the experimental animated film exhibition, curated by Suzie Hanna, the Norwich Gallery, UK. The gallery constructed its own lightbox for this exhibition, which also featured work by Oskar Fischinger, Jeff Keen, Len Lye, Norman McLaren, and Clive Walley (17 October - 10 November 2001)

Animation: A Passionate Obsession exhibition at the Barbican Centre Art Space, London, UK. Exhibition organised by Louise Vaughan to tie in with Channel 4’s Animation Week, “a celebration of animation in all its forms transmitting from 23 - 29 September 2000.” (Programme notes). In addition to the film itself, the exhibition featured a lightbox display of nine 35mm test strips for Sunset Strip, and also included work by Paul Bush, Oliver Harrison, Petra Freeman, Ruth Lingford, and Simon Pummell. We made the display transparency for this exhibition: it took the best part of a day to arrange, light and shoot the nine 35mm test strips selected in the front room of the house in Plymouth; the Barbican Centre constructed its own lightbox to fit the dimensions of the transparency (21 September - 29 October 2000)

Frame by Frame Plymouth Arts Centre, UK. Solo exhibition (November - December 1994)
I showed a selection of the early 35mm test strips I’d made in autumn 1994, sandwiched between sheets of glass on a wall-mounted metal lightbox, along with notebooks in a glass display case, as part of this exhibition.