AURORA: Norwich

Kayla' photo of the corner of the window at Cathedral AppartmentsCathedral Apartments: the large window on the stairs has crimson and deep blue glass panels framing the central pane.

Tooth dream
A more seated position than in the real-life dental surgery, as Andy Blonden injects novocaine into the roof of my mouth, then drills and fills the crack in my lower left 6 molar (it showed up on the x-ray). There is a collar around my tooth, a ring of shiny silver metal, created during an appointment years before.

ICO Screening Artists’ Moving Image course
The learning resource centre of Norwich University College of the Arts. A very smooth, swish refurb of Duke Street school with a hip-busting highly-polished wood floor. The women’s toilets have two windows set high above the washbasins. Ivy presses itself against the glass outside. The hand drier roars. There is coffee.