Yesterday lunchtime Tony and Ruth from next door brought round 3 tiny froglets they’d found in the gutter out the front: escapees from the Lidl bowl in our back garden. Back to sunshine again today, and in the sound studio with James, working on the audio design. We sit in the centre of the room and get our heads around sound ‘in the round’ using alien tech. After laying down some bee-like music we use a recording Stuart made at Burrator arboretum to see how a natural, textured and dynamic soundscape flows from a digitally sculpted piece, and to test proximity and direction... we can hear my footsteps walking off along the curved sandy path for about 20 yards, while the birds keep their positions at different heights in various trees. There’s a lot of spherical depth and clarity, the movement is subtle: it sounds good.

We need to check the number and position of the 6.1 surround speakers relative to the 5 ‘screens’ in the igloo’s immersive environment so we can choreograph our soundtrack with the 5 projectors that create the 360 degree panoramic moving image. A couple of years ago we went to a BEAST - Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre - concert, presented by Jonty Harrison in the Crosspoint area of the Levinsky Building. BEAST uses multiple channels and lots of speakers that are amplified separately and arranged in pairs: we sat in rows under a metal pergola with small speakers mounted above our heads, and other speakers placed around the performance space. We’re constructing an ambisonic design for an expanded cinema event in a dome that will direct people to move around the arena when people are mobile, but it has to work for a seated audience as well.

As we left the studio I picked cranesbill flowers which I pressed at home: a wild geranium with 5 pink petals.

Pogo's Alice In Wonderland Music Remix