In place

I stand in a bowl-shaped valley and the film curves around me. The concave granite walls amplify sound, and the covering of conifers, broad-leaved trees and scrub soak up reflections, so that the vibration of a bee’s wings on the far side of the clearing is heard as if in close-up.

Our experience within a 360 degree film is different to that of a single screen film viewed in the conventional ‘black box’ cinema, fixed in rows of tiered seating, the unseen projector/s behind casting one beam of light above our heads onto a flat rectangle with proscenium. In the 360 Immersive Digital Arena the audience’s audiovisual experience shifts as circularity and mobility add additional dimensions: we are in a hemisphere, upright, standing, and may wander around, sampling images and sounds, make recordings with cameras and phones, and we can choose to talk to others.

Rectangle: a four-sided shape with angles of 90 degrees at each corner; both pairs of opposite sides are equal in length. Circle: a continuous curve made by a single length of thread travelling around a fixed point. Earth, wheel, sun, moon, spool.

The field off Ringmore Down crammed with white lorries is the production HQ for Spielberg’s new feature War Horse, based on Michael Morpurgo’s book.

Complex Solar Eruption Triggers Monster Tsunami on the Sun

See Solar tsunami: aurora borealis or northern lights caused by solar flares in The Telegraph.