One minute

Screening of One Minute volume 4 the collection of artists’ moving image curated by Kerry Baldry. Plymouth Arts Centre Thursday 19 October.
Stuart Moore's photo of some of teh audience at the Plymouth Arts Centre Cinema, for the screening of One Minute volume 4 Some of the audience: Susan Austin and Trish, James Jones Morris, Pat and Tony Hill, Andy James, Joy Elliott, Ole K Rodberg, and in the booth: Gavin the projectionist. Stuart took the photo. It’s a bit like listening all the way through a music album or a CD of different tracks, I said, as I introduced the screening of 46 films each lasting around 60 seconds. Watching the programme made us all feel like going out and making a film. Afterwards we saw the shifting transparency of noctilucent clouds, low over Staddon Heights to the east of the city.
Programme notes