Sea change

Our final day on location. Meet at the museum shop 8 Teign Street 11am to film a selection of items from the collection. Pat brings the Airfix collection to the kitchen on the first floor and unwraps the crinkly white tissue paper, and we film the tiny plastic 1930s aeroplanes ‘flying’ across our white reflector balanced on the worktop. In the office downstairs Stuart plays the silver bo’sun’s whistle while Pat holds the mic. We drink coffee and complete contributors release forms: 3rd party material for all items and make photocopies for museum.
Kay's photo of Stuart playing the bo'sun's whistle, with the assistance of staff at Teignmouth and Shaldon MuseumFeta, olive and sun-dried tomato salad at the Oystercatcher café, then we have a wander through the town to the sea (herringbone waves along the spit, foamy stitches along the sand) and back one last time, filming (HD video and motor-wind photography) and recording the sounds of the built environment: views along streets in town, across to the quay (loading/unloading ships). Then we drive out of the town, sopping at 3 ‘postcard viewpoints’ to take the key stills: the Welcome to Teignmouth bridge, half-way up the hill, and below the golf course. We double back and cross the bridge to Shaldon to photograph Teignmouth from the other side. And we’re done.