A seaside rendezvous: at the MUSEum

Teignmouth, Friday: the day of the first Muse concert on The Den. The home-made signs and posters were the best: there is a tabletop sale 10am to 1pm at the MUSEum on Saturday morning 5 September. Moments: getting my feet wet, dance steps of seagulls printed in the sand under the pier, sitting on a flower bed wall eating sweet greeny-pink Victoria plums in the sun, and rescuing a giant-size Elephant Hawk Moth larva: we tempted it off the pavement onto my Thomas Luny postcard of Teignmouth, and transported it to safety near the Quay Street carpark.
Photo of sign outside the open door to Teignmouth church; sign says Photo of T-shirt on hanger in open door of the Teignmouth Age Concern shop; hand-writen message on the T-shirt reads:
We were invited to have a free cuppa in the octagonal church by a very friendly lady: we said we’d come back later, but never did. My favourite sign on a second hand T-shirt: Welcome Muse from all at Age Concern.
Photo of blackboard sign leaning against tree outside Teignmouth café; sign written in coloured chalk: Photo of triangular Western Morning News 'headlines' sign for local newspaper the Herald Express, on pavement by lamppost outside shop; sign reads: