Sedgemoor moon

Speeding down the M5, heading south, dodging the apocalyptic rainstorms drifting north east.
Slides, Annabel Nicolson, 1971; installation, Film in Space exhibition, Camden Arts Centre, 27 January. Curated by Guy Sherwin.
Slides was assembled from precious fragments of earlier 16mm and 8mm films and 35mm slides of her paintings, which were cut into thin strips and taped together to form one long strip This was hand held in the Co-op's contact printer and moved up and down during printing. The images are mostly abstract, with vibrant colour flares, sewn and hand-painted sequences, a woman's face and other recognisable snippets interacting with framelines, sprocket holes and edge lettering moving in and out of the picture frame. The film's dynamism lies between the stillness of the original images and the on-screen movement, orchestrated by manipulating the speed and duration of the filmstrip against the printer light. This was undertaken whilst watching through the printer's viewer.” Felicity Sparrow Annabel Nicolson: The Art of Light and Shadow: Single Screen Films (2005).