Full moon 2.36am 23 October: photos taken on Friday evening before the rain came, from side bedroom window looking east. Very silvery. The hunter’s moon, and the blood moon: on Thursday the first frost, Friday the first fire of winter.

Found at the lunar south pole: ice, plus two of the seven metals of alchemy: gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin.
H2O frozen water equals hydrogen aka rocket fuel and oxygen. The alchemical symbol for water is an equilateral triangle balanced on one of its points.
Hg mercury aka quicksilver and hydrargyrum, which means 'water silver’. Mercury was used by alchemists to make red mercuric oxide by heating the element in a solution of nitric acid - this produced a dramatic reaction in which a thick red vapour hovers over the surface and bright red crystals precipitate to the bottom. The symbol for mercury is the biological sign for ‘female’ with horns or a crescent lying on its back.
Ag silver comes from its Anglo Saxon name 'seolfor', although it was once known by its Latin name of argentum, from the Indo-European root arg - for 'grey' or 'shining'. Pure silver has a brilliant white metallic lustre. The astrological symbol for the moon - a three-pronged fork - was interchangeable with the symbol for the metal silver.