Hidden Harm: Lonely

Original format: HD video (16.9)
Year of release: 2009
Running time: 15 minutes
Credits: a collaboration between Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker, and children and young people, and young carer workers at The Zone, Plymouth
Music and lyrics for A Constant Source of Friction: Jon White
Production: Sundog Media
Screening format: DVD distribution
Commissioned by Plymouth City Council
To enquire about using the DVD as a teaching resource, please contact Sundog Media

DVD created in collaboration with young people affected by drug and alcohol use in their family; young carer workers at The Zone, Plymouth; Stuart Moore and Sundog Media. The DVD features a short film Hidden Harm: Lonely and tells six animated stories about young people's experiences of parents' and other family members’ substance misuse, followed by a Key Messages section in which young people voice their opinions in response to four themes, such as 'what would have helped me' and 'good social worker'. The DVD was commissioned by Plymouth City Council as a training tool for professionals, and has also been used to raise awareness of hidden harm issues for a range of audiences.

Production notes
The Hidden Harm DVD has not been released for general viewing because of the sensitive content, and is available only for use as a teaching resource.

It was screened to a group from the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in August 2009, and there was a celebration event and screening for the young people who’d contributed to the DVD at The Zone, Plymouth, UK (10 September 2009). Following evaluation by Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), the DVD was rolled out for healthcare professionals' training in September 2009: "a powerful tool as part of training and induction to focus the practitioners' work to include the views of Children and Young People" (Lyndsey Parker and Cathy Lewis, Plymouth Children's Social Care 2009).

Publication and comments
"A new initiative, ‘Hidden Harm’ is being developed to improve support and outcomes for children and young people living with the impact of parental or carer substance misuse. Children and young people are involved in the service design and have made a powerful training DVD for professionals reflecting their first hand experiences and thoughts.”
Inspection of safeguarding and looked after children services, Plymouth City Council (21 May 2010) Care Quality Commission, Ofsted