Research Conversations
Foyer Space, Scott building. Plymouth University

Over this academic year, 2011 to 2012 the foyer exhibition space becomes a place designated for the exchange of ideas and research discourse. Proposals are invited; these may reveal work in progress, or be resolved work, notation of an idea, test or experiment. The aim is to set up a platform for the communication and sharing of our research, to engage in reflection and a critical response.

There will be no formula, you are invited to work within and extend the parameters of your methodology. It may provide an opportunity for a dialogue with colleagues from your research group/environment or it may provide an occasion where you invite external responses.

The aim is to host, share and value our research and enable you as a researcher to initiate a useful forum to examine your practice/research. Recording the process will be intrinsic to the process; this will form a potential document of our research and possibly a publication.

Liz Nicol
Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Photography
School of Art and Media
Faculty of Arts, Plymouth University

The original call for proposals