Year of release: 1994
Original format: Super 8mm
Running time: 10 minutes
Screening format: U-Matic; digital screening versions available
Credits: A film by Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Camera assistant: Miles Parker
A Plymouth City Museum and Art Galley commission for the Strandline exhibition
Distribution and sales: Sundog Media sundogmedia@gmail.com

Waves on the sea, waves in the air. The ambient strandline experience. Super 8 time-lapse and stop-motion animation above and below water. The cycles and rhythms of the seashore - a place where elemental forces meet.

Production notes

Publication and comments
Pandaemonium: the London festival of moving images (1996) exhibition catalogue. London: London Electronic Arts (LEA) and Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
Potato: a film and video show (1994) Gary Thomas, Steve Mcintyre, and Alison Jacques. Published to accompany the exhibition. London: Independent Art Space ISBN: 1898973009
Strandline: where Plymouth meets the sea (1994) Brion Clinkingbeard (ed.). Published to accompany the Strandline exhibition. Plymouth: Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Exhibition selected
Experiments in Moving Image exhibition organised by Dr Jackie Hatfield and Stephen Littman: "a retrospective of experimental moving image including multi-screened and expanded works from the late 1960’s to date." Held at the original Lumiere Cinema, University of Westminster, London, UK. Screening from DVD. Other films selected were: Walking Out, and Project (26 January to 1 February 2004)

Pandaemonium: The London Festival of Moving Images Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK. Elemental Borders programme, which “explores the physical and psychological boundary between self and the surrounding environment to stunning effect.” (Programme notes) The Pandaemonium festival director and single screen curator was Abina Manning; event presented by London Electronic Arts; see First Pandaemonium Festival, ICA at Histories, luxonline (7 March to 21 April 1996)
IMPAKT Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands. Panorama programme 4: Nature (15 to 19 May 1996)

KIno Showcase Walk the Plank (aka The Fitzcarraldo ex-cargo ferry), Salford Quays, Manchester, UK. Presented by Kino Film Klub (16 June 1995)

The LFMC Viva 8 Festival London Film-Makers Co-op, London, UK. Magical Places programme. “Super 8, perhaps the last new format for film, stands at the crossroads of the post modern era, the contemporary of space travel and cpmputer technology and the direct descendent of Edison’s Kinetoscope ... Super 8 is the magical format made for capturing the most magical of moments and places. Small, compact and without fuss we can capture moments which would otherwise elude us.” (Programme notes, Laura Hudson) (10 and 11 December 1994)
Anima Teruel 13 Certamen Internacional de Cine y Video Animacion programme, Teruel, Spain (30 November to 4 December 1994)
Video Art Plastique 8émes Rencontres Hérouville Saint-Clair Café des Images, Hérouville Saint-Clair, France (24 November to 18 December 1994)
Vivid Visions: “a programme of short film, video and animation produced by local film and video makers and artists.” (Programme notes) Tate Gallery St Ives, Kernow, UK (15 November 1994)
START 94 Moving Image Festival Plymouth Arts Centre cinema 11am - 5pm, Multi-Image exhibition in Batter Street Studio, Plymouth, UK. Festival opened by Judith Higginbottom, Film and Television Officer for South West Arts (22 October 1994)
Potato: A Film and Video Show exhibition, chosen by Gary Thomas, Steve Mcintyre, and Alison Jacques, Independent Art Space, London. Group exhibition, UK (23 September to 22 October 1994)
photokina ’94 Köln, Germany (22 to 27 September 1994)
Strandline: Where Plymouth Meets the Sea exhibition, curated by Brion Clinkingbeard, Plymouth City Museum and Art Galley, Plymouth, UK. Elemental film shown on large monitor in the gallery, with three large colour photographs printed from Night Sounding 16mm film frames. Other commissioned artists included Peter Archer and Jennifer Mellings (23 April to 11 June 1994)