Year of release: 1997
Original format: BetaSP and Super 8mm
Running time: 1 minute 15 seconds
Screening format: digital screening versions available
Credits: A film by Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Thanks: Lesley Bricknell
A One Minute commission for the launch of the Lux Centre; London Film Makers’ Co-op and National Lottery through the Arts Council of England
Distribution and sales: Sundog Media Sundog Media and LUX Distribution

A series of experiments with light, time, and sense of place: a journey through the history of making visible the invisible, using naturally occurring pinhole phenomena and constructed pinhole devices for seeing, recording and apprehending the world.

Project is made up of hundreds of pinhole photographs taken on location across the south west peninsula, and includes time-lapse sequences of Mên-an-Tol and other ancient Celtic holed stones on Penwith moors and the Lizard. Images were taken using a home-made shoebox camera, 35mm colour and infrared film, and Kodachrome 40 Super 8 film.

About the One Minute Commissions: the LFMC "commissioned 11 new works by established film and video artists to celebrate the launch of the centre. Proving just how much creative potential there is in one minute of film, they show in a rotating programme with Gallivant" (programme notes).

Production notes
I’m really fascinated by light and how it makes us 'see' things. I wanted to have a go at making a pinhole photographs and one day I made a camera out of an old shoe box, black electricians’ tape, a piece of black paper and some tinfoil in which I pierced a hole with a fine sewing needle. The images captured on sheets of photographic paper curled inside my shoebox were mysterious, haunting; suggesting other realities, more esoteric perceptions. By removing the barrier of the lens and allowing light to trickle ‘unchanged’ into the camera obscura, I created a two-way mirror for my subjective perception that reflected my interior world.

I made the film in collaboration with photographer and film-maker Stuart Moore: we travelled across the south west peninsula and recorded our visits to the ancient holed stones of Kernow, discovered natural pinhole phenomena in woodlands, and explored pinhole and optical devices such as the gnomon - the part of a sundial that casts a shadow, from the Greek ‘that which reveals’. Our sound design reflects our sonic experience of these locations.
Publication and comments
Experimental film and video: a new anthology (2006) Dr Jackie Hatfield (ed.) Project Super 8mm film frame (enlarged) featured in Images chapter. Eastleigh: John Libbey ISBN 0-86196-664-3 p. 275

Project from Sundog Media on Vimeo.

Read my 1997 production blog on Sundog Media

Exhibition selected
Following the Light, screening of 11 films by artists, curated by Joanna Mayes and Jacqui Knight, presented by Mayes Creative/Cinestar; Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre, Cornwall. Sunset Strip also shown (20 and 21 March 2020).

One Minute programme of artists' moving image curated by Kerry Baldry for the British Council at This Way Up, the UK's annual film exhibition innovation conference, Hull; for Hull City of Culture 2017; exhibition in Audrey, the Vintage Mobile Cinema (7 and 8 November 2017)

One Minute vol 7 collection of artists' moving image curated by Kerry Baldry:
Light Night Liverpool 2016 Liverpool Small Cinema; Night Sounding, Yessling, Flora, Twenty Foot Square, Verge: Nocturne and White Body also screened (13 May 2016, 5pm to 11pm)

One Minute vol 7 collection of artists' moving image curated by Kerry Baldry:
Project Space Plus exhibition, University of Lincoln (23 November to 11 December 2015)
One Minute Hull Artists’ Moving Image Festival, Museum of Club Culture, Hull (8 November 2015, 10am to 4pm)
C.A.R. presented by Directors Lounge at Contemporary Art Ruhr, Media Art Fair, Germany; Night Sounding also presented as part of One Minute volume 8 (29 to 31 May 2015)

One Minute vol 7 collection of artists' moving image curated by Kerry Baldry:
Screening Film site launch, Kazimier Garden, 4-5 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, Merseyside (12 June 2014, 6pm to 9pm)
The Chester Film Co-op Chester, Cheshire; screenings in the gallery 11am to 5pm on Saturdays, and back-projected onto the gallery window in the evenings 7pm to 10pm on weekdays so as to be seen by passers-by (15 May to 11 June 2014)
Film Material Soup Rogue Artists Studio, Piccadilly, Manchester (2 May 2014)
Ginsberg Film Festival Steve Biko Centre, South Africa (17 to 21 April 2014)
Plymouth Arts Centre presented in the cinema as part of Sweet FA, the year-long programme of events dedicated to artists’ film in contemporary art, a partnership initiative between Plymouth Arts Centre and Sundog Media, with support from Plymouth University (25 March 2014)
Bloc Projects Sheffield (13 to 15 February 2014)

Furtherfield Gallery Finsbury Park, London (25 and 26 January, and 1 and 2 February 2014, 12pm to 4pm)

One Minute vol 7 collection of artists' moving image curated by Kerry Baldry:
Projection Rooms Museum of Club Culture, 10 Humber Street, Hull (26 and 27 October 2013, 12pm to 4pm)

Photo: De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill by Alan Stanton 2007
Dear Serge
, an evening showcase of “the best in cutting-edge live music, performance and art”, One Minute volume 7 programme projected as repeated loop in the auditorium 2pm > 9pm); De La Warr Pavilion curator Jane Won says Dear Serge is an initiative, which pays homage to the Pavilion's Russian architect, Serge Chermayeff, providing “a platform for contemporary interdisciplinary and experimental practice by artists from many different disciplines.
We envisage it to be a testing ground for new ideas as well as a place for artists and audiences to meet and engage more directly in a casual environment. The Pavilion's history is based on the fluidity of artistic engagements during the Modernist period, and we hope this programme will encourage a similar kind of energy.” De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill on Sea (28 September 2013)
Helfa Gelf Art Trail, Cofi Roc, 26-28 Y Maes, Caernafon (premiere: 6 and 7 September 2013, 11am to 6pm)
Running order:
Similitudes & Latitude - Eva Rudlinger
Gargantuan - John Smith
The Fair - Rose Butler
From The West - Steven Ball
Artist Vs. Drawing - Alexander Costello
Wilton Wisc. - Leister / Harris
LPX 230311 - Riccardo Iacono
Project - Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Jubilee - Louisa Minkin
Presentation Skills - Claire Hope
Model Starship - Max Hattler
Minuet - Steven Woloshen
Sea - Tony Hill
Walk from Station to work - Lynn Loo
Aye Aye - Lumiere and Son
Paper Bag - Tansy Spinks
Prologue to a film - Gary Peploe and Peter Nutley
Artist Vs. Drawing 2 - Alexander Costello
running man - Michael Szpakowski
Unintentional Movie - Guy Sherwin
The Attraction of Manoeuvre - Zhel (Zeljko Vukicevic)
The hands want to see, the eyes want to caress - Matthias Kispert
Sunrise - Stuart Pound
England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty - Sellotape Cinema
Grand Tour - Alex Pearl
Sink or Swim - My Name Is Scott
Boot - Kerry Baldry
88 Cuts - Esther Johnson
The Invisible Man - Marty St. James
The Forest was alive (but no one was home) - Nicki Rolls
Artists Vs. Drawing 3 - Alexander Costello
Sun Solarise (Emotional FX) - Katherine Meynell
Election Coverage - Chris Paul Daniels
Dog Glossary - Edwin Rostron
Cable Car - Martin Pickles
Transduction - Grant Petrey
Atlas - Annabel Dover
Talking loud and saying nothing - Kelvin Brown
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Sunset Strip, Project, Teign Spirit and Brighton Road Movie: First Run screened in the Spiritus Sancti and Ghost Radio programme - a celebration of the analogue and the supernatural - presented by London Short Film Festival; followed by a preview screening of Sonus, the new short film from Arthertz and Ridley Scott Associates, and a performance of Ghost Radio by ArtHertz collaborator Spacedog accompanied by live light projections by Julian Hand; the Run Run Shaw Space, BAFTA, London (24 July 2011)
Soundwaves Festival, the Shorts a la Carte collection of 8 films screened ‘silently’ whilst each member of the audience curates their own soundtrack, part of the Listen! programme on the final evening; Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, UK. Thanks to Philip Ilson, London Short Film Festival (17 July 2011)
Plymouth Arts Centre’s Cinema City Mobile Cinema, at various locations around Plymouth; in the Sensing Place programme (4 to 8 July 2011)
Shorts a la Carte Inamo Restaurant in Soho, Special Event for the 8th London Short Film Festival. Programme of 8 films projected (without sound) onto the diners’ tables; other films are: Twenty Foot Square, Verge: Nocturne, Heirloom, Small World, Poppies, Blue Kayak (Stuart Moore), and Sunset Strip (9 January 2011)

The Falmouth Convention Annexinema film programme The Poly Cinema, Falmouth, Kernow (22 May 2010, 8.30pm to 11.30pm)

2009 Media Arts Festival Jill Craigie Cinema, Plymouth University. I curated and presented the Media Arts Festival staff programme (27 September 2009)

Experiments in Moving Image exhibition organised by Dr Jackie Hatfield and Stephen Littman: "a retrospective of experimental moving image including multi-screened and expanded works from the late 1960’s to date." Held at the original Lumiere Cinema, University of Westminster, London, UK. Screening from DVD. Other films selected were: Walking Out, and Elemental (26 January to 1 February 2004)

Animation: synaesthesia in the experimental animated film curated by Suzie Hanna to mark the FAN International Animation Festival. Film screened on monitor in gallery, on looped DVD with the 16mm films Inner City, Night Sounding, and Cage of Flame. The Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK. Exhibition with Oskar Fischinger, Jeff Keen, Len Lye, Norman McLaren, and Clive Walley (17 October to 10 November 2001)

Screenspace exhibition, Gallery One, Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, UK. The exhibition also included work by Anna Lucas, Joe Magee, Sarah Miles, and Tony Sinden (1 to 16 April 2000)

Experimenta Media Arts Wonderlust programme of artists’ moving image curated by Keely Macarow and Susi Allender, Cinemedia @ Treasury Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. “A program of recent film and video from major screen artists from the US, Germany, Norway, Canada, Australia and the UK” (programme notes) (12 September 1999)
Stuttgart Filmwinter Stuttgart, Germany (14 to 17 January 1999)

Zone Multimedia Festival Archbishops’ Palace, Maidstone, Kent, UK. Beyond the Screen Towards the Electron programme (26 October to 5 November 1998)
International Hamburg Short Film Festival Hamburg, Germany. No Budget Competition (16 to 21 June 1998)
European Media Arts Festival Around the World in a Day programme (International Selection), Osnabrück, Germany (6 to 10 May 1998)

Kinofilm ‘97 Manchester International Short Film and Video Festival Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK. One Minute Cinema programme (6 to 10 November 1997)
Bath Film Festival Royal Photographic Society, Bath, UK. And Action! a day of events for film-makers (9 October to 9 November 1997)
The One Minute Commissions to celebrate the launch of the Lux Centre, Hoxton Square, London. Presented by London Film Makers’ Co-op (premiere, Film-makers’ Party, 18 September; followed by twice-daily screenings as the short film before Andrew Kötting’s new feature Gallivant from 19 September to 2 October 1997)