The Internal Voice
Year of release: 1988
Original format: 16mm colour reversal
Running time: minutes seconds
Screening format: 16mm (original) and U-Matic video (silent)
Credits: A film by Kayla Parker
Distribution and sales: Sundog Media


Production notes
Running throughout this film is a series of automatic drawings which were executed in Indian ink on A4 paper (landscape format). Before I moved down to Exeter from Newport in June 1986, Joanna Quinn let me use the Newport animation course acme animation punch to punch registration holes in several hundred sheets of A4 photocopying paper. Joanna and her partner Les Mills taught on the animation workshop at Chapter in Cardiff in the winter of 1986 - this was where I learned 16mm film animation. Both Joanna and Les were really helpful to me, and my supply of paper lasted well into 1988 when I was using a similar process of automatic drawing, using inks and wax crayon to create the drawn animation sequences for my film Unknown Woman.

I used my bedroom as my studio while I was making this film. The time-lapse drawings of moving daffodils from different perspectives are from the basement flat in Clytha Square, Newport. The wax resist Indian ink sequences were made in the ground floor flat at Powderham Crescent in Exeter - I drew in the evenings after work, usually sitting in bed (a mattress on the floor) as it was so cold and the only heating was a small 2-bar electric fire. I stuck the animation drawings on the walls around the room, the film artwork wrapped around me like a giant storyboard.

Publication and comments
Exeter Film and Video Workshop (1988) Joyce McCarthy (ed.) 16mm frames from the film featured in the EFVW brochure; design: Kayla Parker, black and white on peppermint green paper

Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, UK. Presented as work in progress at a South West Arts event, organised by Judith Higginbottom, then Film and Television Officer; 16mm projection accompanied by live mandolin played by Dave Johnston
Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK. Presented as work in progress as 16mm projection, accompanied by live mandolin played by Dave Johnston