Sewing film: materiality and mimesis in STITCH-es
Theatre, Dance and Performing Arts research seminar
24 January 2013, Faculty of Arts, room 209 Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth
photo taken in the foyer of Scott Building, Plymouth University, showing STITCH 16mm sewn film artwork released from the wallsMy paper examines écriture féminine in my recent matrilineal performance STITCH, during which I sewed together 400 feet of unexposed 16mm film, and its companion piece These Restless Hands, a looped animation that depicts my mother’s hands crocheting a scarf, and then pulling out her stitches. From a practice-based perspective, I critically reflect on material and mimetic elements embodied in these artworks that derive from my memories of my mother and of my late maternal grandmother.

This presentation included material from the first draft of my written contribution to the Foyer Space publication edited by Liz Nicol. The following week I presented a revised version to the art + sound research group at University of Plymouth, 6 February 2013.