Arial visions: touching the seen and unseen
Land/Water and the Visual Arts research seminar
5 May 2010, Faculty of Arts, Scott Building, University of Plymouth
Beginning of 16mm filmstrip for Kayla Parker's film 'Hold', the first frame is scratched with the word HEAD and an arrowThe beginning of one of the 16mm strips for the film Hold
A presentation of current practice-as-research that looks at seeing, and an extract of my ongoing investigation into ‘embodied visuality’.

Vision for me is my dominant sense: seeing the world, my own self, my place in the world outside; and the closed-eye view of my interior world. Sight gives me freedom: it allows me to occupy spaces where my body cannot go; it locates me, and grounds me; but I am also imprisoned by it, because it makes me aware of the edges, the boundaries of my body, the thickness of the air, and the interface between my eyes and everything ‘other’ than me.