Close up: the view from here
Salon South West: Peep Show at The Octagon
Thursday 28 October 2010, The Octagon Social Club, Plymouth
6pm - 8pm

In response to the themes of Project Space 11’s Peepshow presentation of moving image work by members of the Subjectivity and Feminisms Research Group at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Kayla’s talk Close up: the view from here will draw on work by Sigmund Freud and Luce Irigaray to examine the interplay between ‘I’ and ‘eye’, focusing on embodied visuality and the subjective resonance that is activated by the dynamic perspectives of maker and audience. The event will take place in the bar of the Octagon, just off Union Street: you need to buzz to be let in, as it’s a members’ club.
Poster for the Peep Show exhibition at Project Space 11, 6 - 23 October 2010: the title Pep Show is a red neon sign using a script fontProject Space 11 is run by Lucy Brennan, Scott Daniels, Bryony Gillard, Ben Langworthy and Beth Emily Richards, and is situated inside Plymouth City Market between Elder Crafts and The Bag Shop, near the steps leading to the Upper Market Cafés by the Cornwall Street entrance.
photo of Kayla looking at a cage of budgies, close to the Peep Show at Project Space 11Kayla looking at budgies in a cage, next to the Peep Show at Project Space 11
Artists who contributed moving image work to the DVD, which was played onto a screen hidden’ from view behind a steel shutter in the Peep Show exhibition, are: Gill Addison, Hayley Newman/Katherine Araniello, Lucy Gunning, Jo Bruton, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Edwina Ashton, Abigail Reynolds, Sarah Smith, Melanie Jackson, Verina Gfader (sissu tarka), Mo Throp, and Maria Walsh. The DVD was curated by Verina Gfade.
photo taken through peephole at Project Space 11 - a frame of 'Jessica' by Lucy Gunning
My view through the peephole: a frame from Jessica by Lucy Gunning (2006)
Salon South West meetings are a platform for discussion in which artists can explore their critical understanding and art practice. Salon South West is a mobile model for discussion, linking with groups and artists nationally, and acting as a pop-up hub for enquiry and collaboration.