The Measure of It: The Purpose of Drawing exhibition
Photo of lightbox with 16mm film-drawing scroll and artefacts in glass cabinet
Exhibition by staff at University of Plymouth and Partner Colleges
7 June - 2 July 2010, Cube Gallery, Portland Square, University of Plymouth
Private View: 5.30pm to 7.30pm Monday 7 June 2010
Opening hours: 10am to 5pm Monday - Friday, Saturday by appointment
Peninsula Arts’ Cube Gallery is located in the Portland Square Building just off North Hill, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, PL4 8AA. For more information about The Purpose of Drawing exhibition, please contact Peninsula Arts 01752 585050 or email

The Purpose of Drawing exhibition is curated by Jacqui Knight and Patrick Lowry and brings together the diverse range of drawing work and its uses within the University of Plymouth Partnership; there will be an associated symposium held at the university in autumn 2010: see The Purposes of Drawing.

The broader context for the development of the exhibition is the continuing debate around the nature, value, and status of drawing as a contemporary practice, particularly within art and design education. The exhibition has been developed as a platform to illuminate, evaluate, and disseminate current drawing practices within the University Partnership, and to inform debate, both in current practice and in education.

What constitutes ‘a drawing’ is entirely up to exhibitors to decide. The exhibition shows drawings in the widest range of media and intends to provide a context – ‘the purpose of drawing’ – where a sketch on the back of an envelope, a computer generated diagram and a meticulously crafted observational illustration have equal validity.

The Purpose of Drawing is supported by the UPC Arts Subject Forum and the HELP CETL Award Holder Scheme, and is a HELP CETL funded initiative.

The Measure of It
DVD PAL / 16.9 / 2010 / 3 min
Small monitor on plinth, showing HD documentation with sound of the first projection on the 16mm analysis projector, followed by four 16mm film-drawing scrolls running at 12 frames per second, without sound. 16mm film-drawing scrolls created during a four-day artist’s residency in Studio One at Plymouth Arts Centre from Friday 23 to Monday 26 October 2009.
Photo of left hand side of lightbox: masking tape, A5 cutting mat, satsuma etcRight hand side of glass cabinet: Irigaray reader, Ikea paper tape measure, cork and string
Glass cabinet on plinth, containing photographic flat-top lightbox with 16mm film-drawing scroll made on Sunday 25 October 2009 and artefacts: brass Swann Morton scalpel with 10A blade, 6” clear plastic ruler, satsuma, banana skin, The Irigaray Reader (paperback book, second hand), end of SW Film Commission pencil, green A5 cutting mat, roll of masking tape, roll of 16mm splicing tape (from Lefkos Greco), pack of small pale yellow post-it notes, Ikea paper tape measure (from the Bristol store), cork top from a bottle of Christmas port (used to carry scalpel around), two arms’ length of thin white and red string from Spacex Exeter (found in gallery during a visit to Dutch artist and engineer Theo Jansen’s strandbeest exhibition, Saturday 29 June 2010).
Photo with box monitor showing film still, on plinth with headphones; to right: glass cabinet with lightbox on plinth
The Measure of It practice-as-research (work in progress) is sited on the mezzanine floor of Cube Gallery, and is supported by a research award from MADr: the Centre for Media, Art and Design Research at University of Plymouth.

Luce Irigaray: ‘The limits of the transference’ in ‘Section II: Psychoanalysis and language’, Whitford, M. (ed.) (1992) The Irigaray reader: Luce Irigaray. Oxford: Blackwell. p. 114