High Water: sharing our connections to the sea and the tides
Tuesday 30 March 2021, Tidelines, art.earth and Low Carbon Devon
High Water marks the encroachment of the sea with the land, with differing significance and implications for communities around the globe. This interdisciplinary event marks the highest spring tide of 2021 in Exmouth, UK on 30 March. It goes beyond public engagement with science, in a democratic co-creation of new knowledge that shares the wonder and acknowledges the pain of climate change.

Surveying the Laira
A presentation by Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore about our work focused on the upper Plym estuary, which includes a 5-minute spoken introduction followed by a 5-minute video of extracts of filming from field work on the water at high tide by kayak, our one-minute 35mm film poem, Flow (2020) and work in progress for a new 35mm film, Cadence (2021).

Image: film still, Michaelmas daisy petals, Aster amellus