Approaching Animation: Critical Enquiries into the Art, Artists and Industry
Symposium Department of Film Studies, University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland 9 April 2014
Screening Programme of short animated films on 8 April 6.00pm to 9.30pm includes the video essay Her dark materials: conjuring the feminine imaginary made for Living Film at
School II, St Salvator’s Quad, North Street, St Andrews, Fife
Approaching Animation Screening Programme
Scottish animation recommended by Dr Nichola Dobson, Dr Sarah Neely, and Alan Mason:
Norman McLaren Boogie Doodle (1948)
Norman McLaren Neighbours (1952)
Margaret Tait Calypso (1955)
Margaret Tait Painted Eightsome (1970)
Lesley Keen Taking a Line for a Walk (1983)
A special video paper by Kayla Parker (Plymouth University) entitled Her Dark Materials.
A selection of Arab animations recommended by Dr Stefanie van de Peer including works from the Frenkel Brothers and clips from Sulafa Hijazi’s Jasmine Birds (2009).
A selection of shorts recommended by Dr Bella Honess Roe:
Jonathan Hodgson Feeling My Way (1997)
Sylvie Bringas Silence (1998)
Chris Landreth Ryan (2004)
Andy Glynnne’s Animated Minds series (2003 and 2009)

Image: 16mm engraved film frame from Measure by Kayla Parker (2009 - 2010)